John Houser


I am originally from eastern North Carolina and a feverish East Carolina University Pirate alum having graduated in 1989. My degree is in Retail Management.  As such I have been in Corporate Sales since graduation. However, I have had an entrepreneurial bearing since childhood.  

Since moving to Florida after graduation I have gained experience in IT while managing stores for Radio Shack, Automotive with Key Royal, Sports Marketing as Marketing Director with the Florida Running Festival, PEO/Employee Leasing as owner of NELCO of Tampa Bay, as well as the Promotional Products and Decorated Apparel industries where I have owned Blue Water Promotions as the founder in 2001.

Since entering the Promotional Products industry I served as the President of PPAF which advocates for over 23,000 people working in Florida.  During that time I was also a Finalist for National RAC National Volunteer of the Year for my service top PPAF and the work which had to be done.

I have been quite active civically as well.  Over the years I have given countless hours to our youth in Scouting and Soccer.  I have also been active and outspoken in St. Petersburg regarding making the game of soccer accessible to adults.  I was also instrumental in development of an adult soccer group which now has grown to over 400 strong.

I have also worked diligently since 2014, to grow the participation of former East Carolina Men's Soccer Alums in its alumni Program.






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